On A Stage He Sings His Song 

Hello again

Here is instalment #2

In 2019 I released my first record called The Box. The reason I bring that up is because the song The Box was written about a hope chest that I got from my Grandma  That I keep my Memorabilia and I am back in Colorado and I am back at the place where the Box currently resides. In the box was a poem that I had written 43 years ago when I was ADDing out at church one Sunday.. I decided to turn it into The song On A Stage He Sings His Song 35 years later. In some of my  songs  I reference songs that were influencing me at that time and hide them in my lyrics. I was 16  when I wrote the poem. I just moved to Colorado a year after my dad passed away .and for me musically a big influence at the time was John Denver, and Rush. During my freshman year I would come home after school everyday and play john Denver records  dreaming of moving to Colorado, and by Sophomore  year we moved. I willed it , and I thought we made a mistake. So the poem "On a stage he sings his song is the opening line in my poem. and" living on a lighted stage approaches the unreal." was from Rush. And all the world is a stage  is  from Shakespeare. I also was getting into late 70's country like the Highwaymen... So moving to Colorado during Urban Cowboy days. which I still think was a great sound track and bringing my Chicago ways, lets just say not everyone was doing it the same  I didn't fit in. I was wearing overalls and Walter Payton jerseys. to church and cruising with the Mexicans on 38th and Federal. Blvd. and listening to Rush playing  football  and baseball for Arvada High. I was really missing home and my friends.

Another critical thing happened during  that  time of my life' and about that poem is  that it referenced my first Love. which like most of my relationships  was just short lived. I was a wanna be gangster from Chicago  dating and in love with a Sr. Cheerleader who was the valedictorian from a different high school. When she graduated and went to collage, we broke up I was miserable and started upping my reckless behavior. even cutting myself. I developed my I  don't  give a fuck anymore persona, It was party time. And I believe it was was my first dark nights of the sole. I have had more than one. So to get a little more healing here is what I will do.

.I noticed that I wrote the poem in capital letters Which is something I picked up from my dad. but I read somewhere that writing in caps, make what you write more binding. And that poem is like a binding contract that I had to fulfill or break, I told you the intention of this blog is to bring closure. and healing and part of my process is to RELEASE MYSELF FROM THIS CONTRACT THAT I MADE.UPON THAT TYTHING ENVELOPE . IN 1981. I LET THAT PART OF MY PAST GO. WITH LOVE. I think I'll finish with that. Thanks for reading

Peace and Love


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